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A tremendous amount of radioactivity was discharged because of the damage to cooling systems of nuclear reactors in the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in March 2011. Fukushima and its adjacent prefectures were contaminated with fission products from the accident. Here, we show a geographical distribution of radioactive iodine, tellurium, and cesium in(More)
Dependence of nitrogen content on (a) partial pressure of nitrogen PN2 (substrate temperature TS = 800 ºC, deposition rate r ~ 0.04 h/nm), (b) r (PN2 = 10 −5 Torr, TS = 800 ºC), and (c) TS (PN2 = 10 −5 Torr, r ~ 0.04 h/nm). In this report, we expressed the chemical composition of the films as SrTaO3−xNx despite the possible deviation of the total anion(More)
Climatic variabilities on millennial and longer time scales with a bipolar seesaw pattern have been documented in paleoclimatic records, but their frequencies, relationships with mean climatic state, and mechanisms remain unclear. Understanding the processes and sensitivities that underlie these changes will underpin better understanding of the climate(More)
This study investigates the potential of 36 Cl in tracing young groundwater with residence times of up to ~50 years. Groundwater samples were obtained from 16 irrigation wells in paddy fields located within an upland–lowland system in the Yoro River basin, Central Japan. The 36 Cl/Cl ratios were in the range of 17 to 362  10 −15. Among the samples with(More)
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