Kimihito Tanaka

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A simple mobile system is described for humans and robots with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag sensor. In this paper, the system assumes to be used in a hospital to identify the location of patients and recognize their state. At first we use one positive RFID sensor. The range of this directional antenna is long (about 5 meters, 2 meters) and an(More)
This paper proposes our new text-to-speech (TTS) system that concatenates large numbers of speech segments to produce very natural and intelligible synthetic speech. One novel point of our system is its new synthesis unit, which is has three remarkable characteristics as follows; The synthesis units contain all Japanese syllables together with all possible(More)
A prototype advanced robot for remote or automatic maintenance and inspection of nuclear power plant facilities has been developed by the 'Advanced Robot Technology' promoted by the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology. This paper deals with the prototype advanced robot and results of the experiments executed in a verification test facility. The(More)
With the development of data processing technology, the number of people using a computer is rapidly growing now. And they came to use it in the everyday life of ordinary homes. However, it is hard for elderly people and disabled persons to treat an interface device such as a mouse and a keyboard. For this reason, the dialog system is needed that permits(More)
Recently, the virtual reality has progressed rapidly in the field of the science and technology. The coverage includes extremely various fields such as communication, design, entertainment, etc. Various VR space have been proposed and constructed by present. However, there are no VR system that realizes real time simulation based on the same physical law as(More)
A gas-jet micro pump with novel cross-junction channel has been designed and fabricated using a Si micromachining process. The valveless micro pump is composed of a piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate (PZT) diaphragm actuator and fluidic network. The design of the valveless pump focuses on a cross-junction formed by the neck of the pump chamber and one(More)