Kimiharu Ohkura

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This paper empirically investigates the use and behaviour of Evolution Strategies (ES) algorithms on problems such as function optimisation and the use of evolutionary artificial neural networks in evolutionary robotics. Computer simulations are conducted which compare the performance of Classical-ES (CES) and Robust-ES (RES). We show that the performance(More)
In biology, the fitness of an organism includes both its ability to survive and its ability to reproduce. However, most selection schemes used in evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have only embraced half part of this: the matter of concern is fertility in genetic algorithms (GA) in general, and viability in evolution strategies (ES) and evolutionary programming(More)
This paper proposes a method for micro process analysis of ongoing distributed software development. Micro process analysis firstly identifies process instances by matching logs of software development tools with pre-defined micro (fine-grained) process models. Micro process metrics can be measured from identified process instances. In distributed or(More)
Task scheduling algorithms for evolutionary multi-robotics (EMR) problem in grid computing environments are discussed. In this paper, list scheduling with round-robin order replication (RR) is adopted to reduce waiting times due to synchronization in EMR. Our results show that RR can reduce the synchronous waiting time in comparison with Work Queue (WQ)(More)
In software development, many software problems still exist. One of the main cause of these problems is the fact that progress management of software development project is difficult for someone to do because of software invisibility. Software cannot capture construction progress, unlike hardware. In this research, we propose a framework to visualize the(More)
In many software projects, mistakes are often repeated due to knowledge that has been forgotten from past practice. In order to capture such knowledge, recording, visualizing and identifying underlying contexts and process phenomena in project data is very important. However, directly inferring such contexts from software documents or formal reports and(More)
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