Kimia Kiani

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The primary goal of an ambulatory monitoring of motor activities (AMMA) system is to document the occurrence of random and spontaneous motor activities (e.g., sitting, lying, standing, walking, running, etc.) of the ambulatory subject in natural environmental circumstances. Much progress has been made in recording fidelity, reduction in energy requirement,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate a possible role of artificial neural networks for the automated recognition and classification of daily life activities (eg, sitting, lying, standing, walking, etc) in an attempt to reduce the cost of manual recognition and classification. METHODS Data from sessions of about 10 hours of continuous recording of eight ambulatory(More)
We present an efficient and improved method for hair removal from dermoscopic images, which is faster and can remove hairs more effectively as compared to the existing and widely used DullRazor(®). To do so, we first detect the predominant orientation of hairs in the image by using Radon transform, followed by filtering the image by Prewitt filters using(More)
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