Kimia Kazemi

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Peripheral blood lymphocytes from 17 patients with autism were separated on a Ficoll-Hypaque density gradient. Patients had normal numbers of T and B cells and T cell subsets. Although CD4:CD8 ratios were normal for the whole group (2.09 +/- 0.97), 6 patients had elevated ratios (> 2.2) and 5 had decreased ratios (< 1.5). Mitogen-induced proliferation(More)
BACKGROUND Considering that establishment of reference value of nuchal translucency (NT)-related to the crown rump length (CRL) during the first trimester will be helpful for determining an appropriate cutoff level for screening of increased NT thickness-related abnormalities, we determined the NT thickness and investigated its relation with different(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with the previous history of breast cancer are in risk of contralateral breast cancer. On the other hand, increased breast density is a risk factor for breast cancer and the sensitivity of detecting nonpalpable cancers in screening mammography in radiographically dense breasts is low. The use of ultrasonography in dense breast remains a(More)
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