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OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to determine whether there is a higher incidence of complications in adult patients receiving corneas from pediatric donors compared to those receiving corneas from adult donors. DESIGN The design is a follow-up of two matched cohorts. PARTICIPANTS The outcome of penetrating keratoplasty in 29 adult patients (age 20(More)
We present eight cases of Acanthamoeba keratitis. In each case; the Acanthamoeba organisms were visualized in the epithelium and anterior stroma using tandem scanning confocal microscopy. The organisms were highly reflective, ovoid, and were 10-25 microns in diameter. The Acanthamoeba organisms in the human corneas were identical in size and shape to(More)
Confocal microscopy provides a new, noninvasive way of imaging the human cornea in vivo. One of its most important clinical uses is the diagnosis and management of infectious keratitis. The authors used tandem scanning confocal microscopy to image the corneas in two culture-proven cases of Aspergillus keratitis. Fungal hyphae were imaged as high-contrast(More)
Iris crystals in three patients with idiopathic iridocyclitis, Fuchs' heterochromic iridocyclitis, and iridocyclitis associated with systemic pseudolymphoma are described. Two patients had iris crystals in one eye, and the other patient had bilateral involvement. The number of iris crystals in each eye ranged from one to multiple crystals. Iris crystals(More)
BACKGROUND In all cases in which ocular involvement has been reported in endogenous aspergillosis, the posterior segment of the eye was involved. METHODS The authors examined a patient who had been intubated and treated with corticosteroid therapy for status asthmaticus and in whom a mass later developed in the anterior chamber of the right eye. RESULTS(More)
We investigated developmental changes during the transition from one-word to two-word production, focusing on strategies to lengthen utterances phonologically and to control utterances suprasegmentally. We hypothesized that there is a period of reorganization at the onset of word combinations indicated by decreases in both filler syllables (Fillers) and(More)
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