Kimberly R Knight

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We carried out a partial ligation of the sciatic nerve in rats to induce nerve injury and neuropathic hyperalgesia. We showed that nitrotyrosine, a marker of peroxynitrite activity, was formed after partial nerve injury. Double-labelling immunohistochemistry showed that nitrotyrosine-immunoreactive cells were mainly macrophages and Schwann cells. Daily(More)
This chapter focuses on behavioral interventions involving skill acquisition for children and adolescents with autism over the last 12 years. Literature and outcome data are reviewed with respect to three categories: language, social skills, and self-management. Generalization of results is somewhat problematic, as all of the interventions discussed consist(More)
The laboratory diagnosis of 50 consecutive episodes of peritonitis in patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) was studied. The technique which yielded the highest rate (84%) of positive bacteriological diagnoses was inoculation and subculture of thioglycollate broth. Cloudiness of fluid to the naked eye was an accurate predictor(More)
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