Kimberly Petrovic

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OBJECTIVE To generate a framework of healing by male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. DESIGN Qualitative using grounded theory methodology. POPULATION, SAMPLE, SETTING, YEARS: Population was American men living in the community who have experienced some healing from childhood sexual abuse. Sample was 19 men who were recommended by area therapists or(More)
BACKGROUND We examined the presence of medical conditions and medication use within a sample of adults with Down syndrome. METHODS Retrospective chart review using a sample of 141 adults with Down syndrome and age range of 30 to 65 years. RESULTS We identify 23 categories of commonly occurring medical conditions and 24 categories of medications used by(More)
A dearth of literature exists regarding barriers to physicians providing medical care to patients with intellectual disabilities. Using an exploratory study, we assessed current physician practice for this population of patients. We mailed a 17-question anonymous survey to primary care physicians (PCPs) in Connecticut. Results showed that many physicians(More)
Nineteen men who were sexually abused as children were asked what advice they would give to therapists who work with male survivors. Content analysis was used to interpret their responses. The majority of the participants described specific negative experiences they had had with therapists. When discussing positive therapeutic experiences or when imparting(More)
The purpose of this phenomenological research was to discover whether training in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo may benefit undergraduate (UG) students in handling stress. The goal of this innovative approach to learning and stress management was to allow UG students from across disciplines at a metropolitan university achieve an increased sense of(More)
Delirium is frequently overlooked in hospitalized adult patients of all ages. Because nurses spend significant amounts of time with patients, the nursing assessment is vital to the identification of delirium. This pilot study investigated nurses'evaluation of the Confusion Assessment Method related to ease of use and helpfulness in identifying delirium in(More)
Older adults with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) and chronic depression constitute a growing population of individuals in need of quality nursing care management. Although the small amounts of research currently available focus on both middle-aged and older adults living with these chronic conditions, this article(More)
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