Kimberly Ogden

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Ethanol administration inhibits hepatic protein and glycoprotein secretion. Previous studies have shown that the metabolism of ethanol is required for this effect. Experiments were designed to determine whether acetaldehyde, the first metabolite of ethanol oxidation, mediated the ethanol-induced secretory defect in rats with normal and stimulated(More)
The two-dimensional problem of gravity-driven laminar flow of a thin layer of fluid down a heated wavy inclined surface is discussed. The coupled effect of bottom topography, variable surface tension and heating has been investigated both analytically and numerically. A stability analysis is conducted while nonlinear simulations are used to validate the(More)
Inactivating and eliminating bacteria from ultra pure water (UPW) systems is always a significant problem for semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. To alleviate the problem, ultraviolet (UV) radiation-both monochromatic UV254 light and high pressure UV185 light-is traditionally used for bacterial sterilization and in the case of the later, breakdown(More)
The method of weighted residuals for thin film flow down an inclined plane is extended to include the effects of bottom waviness, heating, and permeability in this study. A bottom slip condition is used to account for permeability and a constant temperature bottom boundary condition is applied. A weighted residual model (WRM) is derived and used to predict(More)
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