Kimberly O'Connell

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This study examines the effects of Taenia crassiceps cysticerci on the viability of a human T lymphocyte cell line (Jurkat). Both budding and non-budding T. crassiceps metacestodes were cultured over 24 and 48 h in the presence of Jurkat cells. Cell viability decreased with increasing numbers of cysticerci, particularly budding cysticerci. Single cell gel(More)
Centrifugal spread of the prion agent to peripheral tissues is postulated to occur by axonal transport along nerve fibers. This study investigated the distribution of the pathological isoform of the protein (PrP(Sc)) in the tongues and nasal cavities of hamsters following intracerebral inoculation of the HY strain of the transmissible mink encephalopathy(More)
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