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An inverted-F antenna with meandered line is characterized in this paper in terms of its proximity to the human body. Radiation characteristics are simulated and analyzed in the context of proximity of the antenna to human body tissue. The dependence of radiation characteristics like radiation pattern, resonant frequency, radiation efficiency, gain and(More)
  • K. Newman
  • 2008
Several changes in high performance computer system design, construction and materials have resulted in potentially greater risk of solder joint failures under mechanical loading. In addition to mechanical/thermal challenges created by the increased volumetric density and power dissipation of components in the system assemblies, computer products(More)
In this paper a fall detection system is presented that automatically detects the fall of a person and their location using an array of ultrasonic wave transducers connected to a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) processor. Experimental results are provided on a prototype deployment installed at an assisted living community. The system can provide a(More)
With a growing number of low-income patients developing Congestive Heart Failure in urban Denver, accessible and affordable solutions are needed to provide home management options. A multidisciplinary team evaluated currently available options for telemonitoring and developed a solution for an initial pilot study. This system is currently used in the Denver(More)
Video surveillance systems are used in a variety of applications from home health monitoring to commercial security systems. A fixed or rotating camera has limitations as to the coverage area and resolution of the captured image. In this article we propose a new concept for the implementation of surveillance that shows significant improvement over the(More)
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