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Peroxiredoxins: guardians against oxidative stress and modulators of peroxide signaling.
Peroxiredoxins (Prxs) are a ubiquitous family of cysteine-dependent peroxidase enzymes that play dominant roles in regulating peroxide levels within cells. These enzymes, often present at high levelsExpand
Structure-based insights into the catalytic power and conformational dexterity of peroxiredoxins.
Peroxiredoxins (Prxs), some of nature's dominant peroxidases, use a conserved Cys residue to reduce peroxides. They are highly expressed in organisms from all kingdoms, and in eukaryotes theyExpand
Use of dimedone-based chemical probes for sulfenic acid detection evaluation of conditions affecting probe incorporation into redox-sensitive proteins.
Sulfenic acids, formed as transient intermediates during the reaction of cysteine residues with peroxides, play significant roles in enzyme catalysis and regulation, and are also involved in theExpand
Overview of peroxiredoxins in oxidant defense and redox regulation.
Peroxiredoxins are important hydroperoxide detoxification enzymes, yet have only come to the fore in recent years relative to the other major players in peroxide detoxification, heme-containingExpand
Fluorescent and affinity-based tools to detect cysteine sulfenic acid formation in proteins.
Cysteine sulfenic acid formation in proteins results from the oxidative modification of susceptible cysteine residues by hydrogen peroxide, alkyl hydroperoxides, and peroxynitrite. This speciesExpand
Analysis of the peroxiredoxin family: Using active‐site structure and sequence information for global classification and residue analysis
Peroxiredoxins (Prxs) are a widespread and highly expressed family of cysteine‐based peroxidases that react very rapidly with H2O2, organic peroxides, and peroxynitrite. Correct subfamilyExpand
Cysteine pK(a) values for the bacterial peroxiredoxin AhpC.
Salmonella typhimurium AhpC is a founding member of the peroxiredoxin family, a ubiquitous group of cysteine-based peroxidases with high reactivity toward hydrogen peroxide, organic hydroperoxides,Expand
Measurement of Peroxiredoxin Activity
Peroxiredoxins are cysteine‐dependent peroxidases that react with hydrogen peroxide, larger hydroperoxide substrates, and peroxynitrite. Protocols are provided to measure Prx activity with peroxideExpand
Use of dimedone-based chemical probes for sulfenic acid detection methods to visualize and identify labeled proteins.
Reversible thiol modification is a major component of the modulation of cell-signaling pathways by reactive oxygen species. Hydrogen peroxide, peroxynitrite, or lipid hydroperoxides are all able toExpand
PREX: PeroxiRedoxin classification indEX, a database of subfamily assignments across the diverse peroxiredoxin family
Peroxiredoxins are a diverse and ubiquitous family of highly expressed, cysteine-dependent peroxidases that are important for antioxidant defense and for the regulation of cell signaling pathways in eukaryotes. Expand