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Path Shifting of the Welfare State: Electoral Competition and the Expansion of Work-Family Policies in Western Europe
What explains the surprising growth of work-family policies in several West European countries? Much research on the welfare state emphasizes its institutional stickiness and immunity to majorExpand
Paid to Care: The Origins and Effects of Care Leave Policies in Western Europe
A number of European countries have adopted paid child care leaves and allowances in the name of parental choice and valuing care. We examine the origins and consequences of these policies inExpand
The "Production" of Child Care: How Labor Markets Shape Social Policy and Vice Versa
This article examines child care policies in three countries-France, Sweden, and the United States-to explore the links between labor markets and social policy and to probe the applicability of theExpand
Forging the Frontiers Between State, Church, and Family: Religious Cleavages and the Origins of Early Childhood Education and Care Policies in France, Sweden, and Germany
European states differ tremendously in the extent to which their national education systems administer preschool programs, and whether or not these services can serve as day care for working parents.Expand
Inhibitors of histone acetyltransferases KAT6A/B induce senescence and arrest tumour growth
Biochemical and structural studies demonstrate that these compounds are reversible competitors of acetyl coenzyme A and inhibit MYST-catalysed histone acetylation, induce cell cycle exit and cellular senescence without causing DNA damage, and arrest lymphoma progression in mouse models. Expand
Working Mothers and the Welfare State: Religion and the Politics of Work-Family Policies in Western Europe and the United States
Contents Acknowledgements Abbreviations Chapter One. The Politics of Mothers' Employment Chapter Two. The Religious Origins of the Gendered Welfare State Chapter Three. The Politics of Mothers'Expand
The Political Path to a Dual Earner/Dual Carer Society: Pitfalls and Possibilities
What are the political pathways to the dual earner/dual caregiver model? Are most countries likely to attain only a partial transformation of policies and societies, rather than a full embrace ofExpand
Caring Time Policies in Western Europe: Trends and Implications
One trend in family policy across Western Europe in recent years has been the expansion of caring time policies – maternity, paternity and parental leaves, as well as part-time work possibilities.Expand
The Politics of Mothers' Employment: France in Comparative Perspective
Contemporary theories and typologies of welfare states in Western Europe assume that social democratic parties are the engine behind progressive policies on gender roles and on the participation ofExpand