Kimberly J Caruso

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BACKGROUND Canine peritoneal larval cestodiasis caused by tapeworm larvae of the genus Mesocestoides is an uncommon and possibly fatal disease that can result in ascites and peritonitis. Although abdominal fluid analysis is recommended for dogs with ascites, the cytologic features of Mesocestoides infection have not been described fully. OBJECTIVE Our(More)
PURPOSE We wished to determine the extent of absorption of gabapentin (GBP) after rectal administration to children on maintenance therapy. METHODS Two children scheduled for extensive surgery received GBP rectally and orally. A pharmacokinetic profile was derived after each route of administration. RESULTS Serum GBP levels after rectal administration(More)
A 2-year-old female cockatiel was presented for abdominal swelling of 3 weeks duration. The bird appeared otherwise normal. On physical examination, the abdomen was distended, but no masses were palpable. Abdominocentesis was performed, and 0.5 mL of fluid was removed and submitted to Antech Diagnostics for fluid analysis and cytology. The fluid was light(More)
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