Kimberly García

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BACKGROUND Effective implementation strategies are needed to optimize advancements in the fields of cancer diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and end-of-life care. We conducted a review of systematic reviews to better understand the evidentiary base of implementation strategies in cancer control. METHODS Using three databases, we conducted a search and(More)
Service Discovery Protocols have been developed for applications to take advantages of services shared over networks. Each protocol provides a way for applications to ask for the type of services they need. In return, applications receive information about services that could fulfill their needs. However, such protocols do not supply enough support for(More)
INTRODUCTION Practice pattern data demonstrate regional variation and lower than expected rates of adherence to practice guideline (PG) recommendations for the treatment of stage II/IIIA resected and stage IIIA/IIIB unresected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients in Ontario, Canada. This study sought to understand how clinical decisions are made for(More)
An intelligent area integrates both Internet and Intranet software/hardware supports (from small embedded sensors to powerful and dynamic computing devices) to provide information about each artifact state (e.g., a power failure of the refrigerator) without user intervention. This technological sophistication can be achieved by means of service discovery(More)
Most of the semantic matchmaking algorithms have been developed for the search of Web Services, since there is a huge need for tools that help taking advantages of services that already exist, but which most of the times are under exploited because their existence remains unknown; thus to promote their usage, matchmaking algorithms are build. However,(More)
Dynamic collaborative environments enabled with multiple computational devices, software and files have always had difficulty sharing these resources in a practical way. Traditionally, people involved in environments like those are forced to waste time and energy trying to locate a resource they do not even know if it exists inside the organization. Those(More)