Kimberly E. Newman

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This paper describes a new digital design laboratory developed for undergraduate students in this electrical and computer engineering curriculum. A top-down rapid prototyping approach with commercial computer-aided design tools and field-programmable logic devices (FPLDs) is used for laboratory projects. Students begin with traditional transistor–transistor(More)
Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks (WBASN) is an emerging technology which utilizes wireless sensor nodes to implement real-time wearable health monitoring of patients to enhance independent living. These sensor nodes can be worn externally to monitor multiple bio-parameters (such as blood oxygen saturation (SpO(2)), blood pressure and heart activity) of(More)
In this paper a fall detection system is presented that automatically detects the fall of a person and their location using an array of ultrasonic wave transducers connected to a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) processor. Experimental results are provided on a prototype deployment installed at an assisted living community. The system can provide a(More)
Design improvements to a remotely controlled system for patients with limited mobility are described. This system provides communication and control of the room environment with mouse control that can be adapted to the functional need of the user. Analysis is provided on the selection and integration of components within the system as well as an overview of(More)
A framework is proposed for estimating the lifetime of wireless body area sensor network (WBASN) using probabilistic analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. WBASN implements real-time health monitoring by outfitting patients with wireless, wearable vital sign sensors. In health monitoring, the loss of critical or emergency information is a serious issue so(More)
The standard hospital room interface for control of communication and entertainment devices assumes a patient has the ability to hold and press mechanical switches. If the patient does not have these abilities, then the patient must wait for a nurse to walk by the room to ask for help. Mobile devices using the Android and iOS operating systems are compared(More)
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