Kimberly E Allen

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BACKGROUND HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer (MBC) relapsing after trastuzumab-based therapy may require continued HER2 receptor inhibition to control the disease and preserve the patients' quality-of-life. Efficacy and safety of lapatinib monotherapy was evaluated in Japanese breast cancer patients after trastuzumab-based therapies. METHODS In(More)
  • D W Denlinger, E N Abarra, Kimberly Allen, P W Rooney, M T Messer, S K Watson +1 other
  • 1999
A new microcalorimeter for measuring heat capacity of thin films in the range 1.5-800 K is described. Semiconductor processing techniques are used to create a device with an amorphous silicon nitride membrane as the sample substrate, a Pt thin film resistor for temperatures greater than 40 K, and either a thin film amorphous Nb-Si or a novel boron-doped(More)
The product of varicella-zoster virus gene 62 (VZV 140k) is a potent transactivator protein. We have identified a region within the DNA binding domain of VZV 140k that shows a striking similarity to the DNA recognition helix of the homeodomain, with an especially highly conserved quartet of residues, WLQN. The 140k protein has functional counterparts within(More)
We examined trajectories of ethnic identity exploration, resolution, and affirmation and their associations with depressive symptoms and self-esteem 3.5 years later among early and middle adolescent Mexican-origin girls (N = 338). Findings indicated that exploration, resolution, and affirmation increased over time for both cohorts. Among early adolescents,(More)
This study examined the effects of dehydration on intermittent sprint performance and perceptual responses. Eight male collegiate baseball players completed intermittent sprints either dehydrated (DEHY) by 3% body mass or euhydrated (EU). Body mass was reduced through exercise in the heat with controlled fluid restriction occurring 1 day before the trial.(More)
Youth today are using web-based technologies and social media at record rates. A reported 95% of teens use the Internet and most with "always on" connections that allow them access to web-based technologies at any point in their day. How teens use technology is ever changing, but what is steadfast is the need for adults to be involved in all facets of(More)
The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to assess the feasibility of conducting speech conditioning sessions within a preschool classroom, and second, to examine the process of transfer of learned verbalizations from those sessions to classroom free time. The results indicated that the former was not only feasible but effective. A nonverbal boy,(More)
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