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Elevated vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) levels are required for ocular and tumor angiogenesis in animal models. Ischemic hypoxia is strongly correlated with increased VEGF expression in these systems and is considered a physiologically relevant stimulus. Because ischemic hypoxia is often followed by reperfusion and reactive oxygen intermediate(More)
Kaisa Silander, Laura J. Scott, Timo T. Valle, Karen L. Mohlke, Heather M. Stringham, Kerry R. Wiles, William L. Duren, Kimberly F. Doheny, Elizabeth W. Pugh, Peter Chines, Narisu Narisu, Peggy P. White, Tasha E. Fingerlin, Anne U. Jackson, Chun Li, Soumitra Ghosh, Victoria L. Magnuson, Kimberly Colby, Michael R. Erdos, Jason E. Hill, Pablo Hollstein,(More)
The aim of the Finland-United States Investigation of NIDDM Genetics (FUSION) study is to identify genes that predispose to type 2 diabetes or are responsible for variability in diabetes-related traits via a positional cloning and positional candidate gene approach. In a previously published genome-wide scan of 478 Finnish affected sibling pair (ASP)(More)
The present studies were carried out to determine if tyrosine hydroxylase phosphorylation in rat brain striatal synaptosomes is activated by dibutyryl cyclic AMP treatment. Incubation of synaptosomes with [32P]orthophosphate, followed by immunoprecipitation and sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, produced a band of radioactivity(More)
These studies were carried out to characterize the activation of rat striatal tyroxine hydroxylase produced by depolarization of the medial forebrain bundle and to evaluate the possible role of cyclic AMP as a mediator of this activation. The enzymatic properties of tyrosine hydroxylase following in vivo depolarization were compared to those produced by(More)
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