Kimberly C Lindstrom

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Using a variant of information-sharing models, we examine the pros and cons of group foraging against the alternative of staying alone. Models of this category-assuming that in groups food finding by one results in food sharing by many-conclude that patch-finding rate improves with group size. In our modification interference among individuals reduces(More)
Origins of replication present a paradox to evolutionary biologists. As a collection, they are absolutely essential genomic features, but individually are highly redundant and nonessential. It is therefore difficult to predict to what extent and in what regard origins are conserved over evolutionary time. Here, through a comparative genomic analysis of(More)
The ability of Rhizobia to colonize roots of certain legumes and promote their growth has been proven previously. In this study the symbiotic efficiency of 47 Rhizobium strains with 6 common bean cultivars was evaluated under greenhouse condition. Fourteen strains showed the best symbiotic efficiency, whereas some isolates could not induce nodules on host(More)
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