Kimberly C Jantunen

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The high-yield synthesis, spectroscopic and structural determination of three new uranium(IV) and thorium(IV)ate complexes supported by three different diamido ether ligands are reported. The(More)
Organometallic actinide bis(ketimide) complexes (C5Me5)2An[-N=C(Ph)(R)]2 (where R = Ph, Me, and CH2Ph) of thorium(IV) and uranium(IV) have recently been synthesized that exhibit chemical, structural,(More)
Electronic absorption and resonance-enhanced Raman spectra for ketimido (azavinylidene) complexes of tetravalent uranium, (C(5)Me(5))(2)U[-N=C(Ph)(R)](2) (R = Ph, Me, and CH(2)Ph), have been(More)
Migratory insertion of diphenyldiazomethane into both metal-carbon bonds of the bis(alkyl) and bis(aryl) complexes (C(5)Me(5))(2)AnR(2) yields the first f-element bis(hydrazonato) complexes(More)
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