Kimberly A Quill

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  • K A Quill
  • Journal of autism and developmental disorders
  • 1997
Instructional considerations for children with autism who continue to struggle with current treatment models are discussed. Specifically, the use of instructional strategies for children who may be characterized as visual learners are addressed. The discussion begins with a review of research that illuminates the learning style differences associated with(More)
"Environmental support" is a general term used to define the systematic use of explicit visual and/or social cues to clarify meaning for children with autism. Environmental supports can serve as a compensatory means to structure and enhance language understanding, social engagement, and social-communicative interactions. The unique and atypical(More)
The pelvic nerve is known to play a role in the behavioral and neurochemical responses exhibited during paced mating behavior. The present study extended the analysis of the contribution of the genitosensory nerves to the display of paced mating behavior to include bilateral hypogastric nerve transection, bilateral pelvic nerve transection, or transection(More)
Endometriosis is a disorder associated with chronic pelvic pain and ill effects on women's sexual health. The present study examined the effects of pelvic endometriotic implants on the display of paced mating behavior in female rats. Approximately 2 months after the surgical induction of endometriosis, rats were tested for paced mating behavior during(More)
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