Kimberly A Kafadar

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Sca-1 (Stem Cell Antigen-1) is a member of the Ly-6 family proteins that functions in cell growth, differentiation, and self-renewal in multiple tissues. In skeletal muscle Sca-1 negatively regulates myoblast proliferation and differentiation, and may function in the maintenance of progenitor cells. We investigated the role of Sca-1 in skeletal muscle(More)
Odorant receptors (ORs) in the olfactory epithelium bind to volatile small molecules leading to the perception of smell. ORs are expressed in many tissues but their functions are largely unknown. We show multiple ORs display distinct mRNA expression patterns during myogenesis in vitro and muscle regeneration in vivo. Mouse OR23 (MOR23) expression is induced(More)
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