Kimberly A Crosland

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Three experiments were conducted in an outpatient setting with young children who had been referred for treatment of noncompliant behavior and who had coexisting receptive language or receptive vocabulary difficulties. Experiment 1 studied differential responding of the participants to a brief hierarchical directive analysis (least-to-most complex stimulus(More)
We evaluated goal setting with performance feedback to increase running distance among 5 healthy adults. Participants set a short-term goal each week and a long-term goal to achieve on completion of the study. Results demonstrated that goal setting and performance feedback increased running distance for all participants.
We tested the effectiveness of a tablet application and differential reinforcement to increase eye contact in 3 children with autism. The application required the child to look at a picture of a person's face and identify the number displayed in the person's eyes. Eye contact was assessed immediately after training, 1 hr after training, and in a playroom.(More)
A functional analysis showed that breath holding exhibited by a 16-year-old boy with mental retardation occurred independent of social consequences. Assessment results of the existing treatment procedure-a verbal reprimand-were used to design a treatment package that reduced the behavior to low levels across 7 months.
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