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OBJECTIVE To test the life-sparing and therapeutic effect of a parenterally administered virus-specific antiviral phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomer (PMO) for treating kittens during outbreaks of severe viral disease. ANIMALS 112 kittens of various sex and age in 4 trials involving 3 outbreaks of naturally developing caliciviral disease. PROCEDURES(More)
Electromyographic responses to needle-electrode insertion and repetitive indirect stimulation were recorded from gastrocnemius, soleus and cranial tibialis muscles of normal and dystrophic (mdx) mice at 20-154 days. Recordings from myotonic (ADRmto) mice served as controls for "true" myotonia. Complex repetitive discharges were observed in muscles of mdx(More)
A corticosteroid with mixed glucocorticoid-mineralocorticoid actions was previously shown to improve neuromuscular function in muscular dystrophic chickens. The significance of that finding was recently underscored by reports that a mixed-action corticosteroid improved muscle function in Duchenne dystrophy patients, albeit at high doses. In the present(More)
Amitriptyline, a tricyclic antidepressant, has been reported to diminish signs of human myotonic muscular dystrophy, but has not been examined in other myotonias. Normal and myotonic (ADRmto) mice were injected acutely with either amitriptyline, phenytoin, procainamide or 0.9% saline. In addition, two groups of myotonic mice were injected chronically with(More)
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