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BACKGROUND Few data have been published on training of competitive athletes and about metabolic, hormonal and psychological reactions to overreaching (transient over-training) and tapering in successful athletes. METHODS Training was recorded and effects on mood state and metabolic and hormonal responses were examined in 10 rowers and spares of the coxed(More)
Severe osteoporosis frequently is observed after organ transplantation. In kidney transplantation, it adds to pre-existing renal bone disease and strategies to prevent osteoporosis are not established. Eighty kidney recipients were included in a randomized controlled prospective intervention trial. Treated patients (n = 40) received an injection of(More)
BACKGROUND Objective of this study was to get more insight in hematology, biochemistry, and endocrinology of ultra-endurance exercise, to improve knowledge in this field, supplementation, and medical care of affected athletes. METHODS A large body of individual hematological, biochemical, and endocrinological parameters was analyzed in the blood taken(More)
The reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) amplification of cytokeratin 20 (CK20) mRNA is considered a promising candidate method for the detection of circulating tumour cells in bone marrow and peripheral blood of cancer patients. In this study we have investigated the diagnostic specificity of the CK20 mRNA detection in samples from(More)
Performance and hormones were determined in eight middle- and nine long-distance runners after an increase in training volume (ITV, February 1989) or intensity (ITI, February 1990). Seven runners participated in both studies. The objective was to cause an overtraining syndrome. The mean training volume of 85.9 km week-1 increased within 3 weeks to 176.6 km(More)
The objective is to compare nerve densities in explanted polypropylene meshes in patients with or without chronic pain. Pain has supplanted recurrences as a complication of hernia surgery. The increased incidence of pain mirrors a parallel increase in the use of polypropylene meshes. Neither triple neurectomy nor careful nerve preservation has brought(More)
In Gothenburg studies using clinical and electroencephalographic techniques have been undertaken continuously since 1958 on a large number of individuals of all ages. All individuals studied were without impairment to the central nervous system, according to a number of well-defined defined clinical criteria, and were termed normal. The term "normal" is(More)
In 3 cases of severe twin transfusion syndrome we demonstrate that the concentration of atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) in the cord blood of recipient twins is significantly elevated compared to that of donor twins. The discrepancy between recipient and donor concentration correlates with the volume of transfusion. The following pathophysiological mechanism(More)
A method for labelling mouse spleen cells in situ is described. Spleen vessels were clamped before intrasplenic injection of a red-fluorescent cell dye (PKH-26). The labelling rate was 11.8% of all cells and 13.9% of B lymphocytes 30 min after injection as determined by FACS. 3 days later, the proportions of labelled cells were reduced to 7.4% (P < 0.01)(More)
Urine constituents were measured in 12 healthy outdoor volunteers on four occasions within a month. Day, night, and 24 hour collection periods were compared. Measurements made on the four occasions did not differ. The amount of water, creatinine, electrolytes, proteins, and enzymes were higher during the day (up to three fold, p always less than 0.05),(More)