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OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were to model jointly the incidence rates of six smoking related cancers in the Yorkshire region of England, to explore the patterns of spatial correlation amongst them, and to estimate the relative weight of smoking and other shared risk factors for the relevant disease sites, both before and after adjustment for(More)
BACKGROUND A healthy diet is important to promote health and well-being while preventing chronic disease. However, the monetary cost of consuming such a diet can be a perceived barrier. This study will investigate the cost of consuming a range of dietary patterns. METHODS A cross-sectional analysis, where cost of diet was assigned to dietary intakes(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the association between childhood overweight and obesity and the density and proximity of fast food outlets in relation to the child's residential postcode. DESIGN This was an observational study using individual level height/weight data and geographic information systems methodology. SETTING Leeds in West Yorkshire, UK. This area(More)
To estimate the incidence of pertussis, a prospective study was done among members of a managed care organization in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Of 212 patients 10-49 years old enrolled from January 1995 through December 1996, 8 were found to be culture positive, 10 were found to be positive by polymerase chain reaction assay, 13 had a > or =2-fold(More)
BACKGROUND Elevated serum cholesterol levels play an important role in the development of coronary artery disease. Previous studies have suggested that nut consumption benefits lipid profile. Pistachio nuts are widely available, inexpensive and frequently consumed by the general population. OBJECTIVE To determine whether substituting 20% of the daily(More)
BACKGROUND Reducing childhood obesity is a key UK government target. Obesogenic environments are one of the major explanations for the rising prevalence and thus a constructive focus for preventive strategies. Spatial analysis techniques are used to provide more information about obesity at the neighbourhood level in order to help to shape local(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT The surgical treatment in spinal metastases has been shown to improve function and neurologic outcome. Unplanned hospital readmissions can be costly and cause unnecessary harm. PURPOSE Our aim was to first analyze the reoperation rate and indications for this revision surgery in spinal metastases from an academic tertiary spinal(More)
Obesogenic environments are a major explanation for the rapidly increasing prevalence in obesity. Investigating the relationship between obesity and obesogenic variables at the micro-level will increase our understanding about local differences in risk factors for obesity. SimObesity is a spatial microsimulation model designed to create micro-level(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the association between the consumption of fast food (FF) and body mass index (BMI) of teenagers in a large UK birth cohort. METHODS A structural equation modelling (SEM) approach was chosen to allow direct statistical testing of a theoretical model. SEM is a combination of confirmatory factor and path analysis, which allows for the(More)