Kimberley J Gallagher

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Phosphines are fundamentally important to the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Reported is the first example of alkene hydrophosphination using a designed iron pre-catalyst which yields the anti-Markovnikov products in high yield at room temperature. The phosphine products are excellent pro-ligands for Fe-catalyzed Negishi(More)
Complexes of the type N≡Mo(OR)(3) (R = tertiary alkyl, tertiary silyl, bulky aryl) have been synthesized in the search for molybdenum-based nitrile-alkyne cross-metathesis (NACM) catalysts. Protonolysis of known N≡Mo(NMe(2))(3) led to the formation of N≡Mo(O-2,6-(i)Pr(2)C(6)H(3))(3)(NHMe(2)) (12), N≡Mo(OSiPh(3))(3)(NHMe(2)) (5-NHMe(2)), and(More)
The ability to tune between different regioselectivities using a common pre-catalyst is an unusual yet highly desirable process. Here, we report the use of an iron(II) pre-catalyst that can be used to synthesize vinyl phosphines in a Markovnikov-selective manner in benzene, whereas a simple change to dichloromethane as the reaction solvent leads to the(More)
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