Kimberley D Ryan-Nicholls

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This paper addresses the impact of health reform on registered psychiatric nursing practice. Over a nine-month period, seven focus groups were conducted with registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs; n = 33) from a variety of practice settings in south central regions of the province of Manitoba located in western Canada. Analysis of data collected from the(More)
The challenges associated with rural and remote health have been widely acknowledged by rural communities and the health care community for some time now. However, it is only recently that any concerted effort has begun to address these difficulties. The aim of this paper was to examine the issue of rural health and sustainability internationally with a(More)
This article presents research findings from the Rural and Isolated Working Group, one of six groups established by the Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Initiative (CCMHI). Funded through Health Canada's Primary Health Care Transition Fund, the goal of the CCMHI is to improve the mental health and well-being of Canadians by increasing collaboration(More)
How healthy are the residents of rural Canada? How healthy are Canada's rural communities? Members of an interdisciplinary research team at the Brandon University Rural Development Institute, Manitoba, Canada, formed a partnership with rural stakeholders in an attempt to strengthen and build capacity in rural communities. One component of this research was(More)
This article describes the third phase of a research study undertaken within a Canadian provincial regional health authority to explore and analyze mental health services and other resources used by rural consumers after discharge from inpatient mental health programs. The focus of this article is the qualitative research findings obtained from mental(More)
BACKGROUND Rural residents, rural community leaders, rural planners, rural health authorities and community organizations seek to understand the health, quality of life and sustainability of their communities. The aim of this article is to follow the cooperative community-based process of developing and testing a workbook to be used to assess and foster(More)
BACKGROUND Practice setting diversification has created an increased need for psychiatric nurses to assume more independent roles, while at the same time being able to demonstrate the corresponding degree of competency to practice. Psychiatric nurses were invited to share their perceptions concerning changes occurring in mental health care, proactive(More)
A Canadian university is experiencing increasing difficulty in accessing appropriate clinical experiences for undergraduate psychiatric nursing students. Meanwhile, many nursing faculty are experiencing an increased desire for clinical practice opportunities. Concurrently a gap in mental health service delivery exists for those residents who experience(More)