Kimberley D. Newman

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Bacterial infection leading to organ failure is the most common cause of death in critically ill patients. Early diagnosis and expeditious treatment is a cornerstone of therapy. Evaluating the systemic host response to infection as a complex system provides novel insights: however, bedside application with clinical value remains wanting. Providing an(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep disorders are common in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and may adversely affect daytime functioning. Children with Williams syndrome have been reported to have disturbed sleep; however, no studies have been performed to determine if these problems continue into adolescence and adulthood. METHODS This study examined(More)
Our goal is to explore the relationship between two traditionally unrelated concepts, fractal structure and entropy production, evaluating both within the central nervous system (CNS). Fractals are temporal or spatial structures with self-similarity across scales of measurement; whereas entropy production represents the necessary exportation of entropy to(More)
In rats, bilateral injection of muscimol (30-60 ng/site) into the medial substantia nigra zona reticulata exerted an antinociceptive effect in the hotplate and tail-flick tests. Injections of muscimol into the substantia nigra also induced intense stereotyped behavior and self-injurious behavior (SIB). Tail-flick and hindpaw-lick responses were inhibited(More)
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