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Dietary restriction extends lifespan in a variety of organisms, but the key nutritional components driving this process and how they interact remain uncertain. In Drosophila, while a substantial body of research suggests that protein is the major dietary component affecting longevity, recent studies claim that carbohydrates also play a central role. To(More)
In model terrestrial ecosystems maintained for three plant generations at elevated concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide, increases in photosynthetically fixed carbon were allocated below ground, raising concentrations of dissolved organic carbon in soil. These effects were then transmitted up the decomposer food chain. Soil microbial biomass was(More)
Multidisciplinary research is becoming an increasingly popular approach by many international, national and institutional organisations to address global grand challenges and provide innovative solutions. However, within an academic setting, Early Career Researchers are underutilized in this field. This un-derutilisation can come from many factors, arising(More)
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