Kimberley Burchett

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When compared with changes in hospital activity, corresponding fluctuations in critical-care activity are not clear. Therefore, trends in hospital activity were compared with those of the critical-care services and simple patient demographic details. The results suggest that while the size of hospitals remained static, hospital admissions and outpatient(More)
UK national recommendations include 24 h non-resident availability of consultants with a sessional commitment to intensive care (intensivists). We tested whether continual availability of such specialists improved standardised mortality ratios compared with non-specialist cover by anaesthetists who also cover other hospital departments. The(More)
Dopamine is a naturally occurring catecholamine with actions in the central nervous system and endocrine systems, including inhibition of prolactin release from the pituitary gland. Prolactin secretion has been shown to be increased in response to physiological stress, while hypoprolactinaemia is associated with a reduction in the cellular immune response.(More)
Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) extends traditional functional programming with dataflow evaluation, making it possible to write interactive programs in a declarative style. An FRP language creates a dynamic graph of data dependencies and reacts to changes by propagating updates through the graph. In a <i>transparent</i> FRP language, the primitive(More)
A prospective open randomized controlled study was performed to assess the ability of Euromedical ILM endotracheal tube cuff (silicone cuff) to prevent pulmonary aspiration. The inflation characteristics of this silicone cuff enables the control of tracheal wall pressure. The silicone cuffed tube was shortened and an adjustable flange was used to convert it(More)
Outcome measurement in critical care is difficult because of the wide variety of patients treated and the diverse therapeutic options and pathways available. Individual outcome measures for critical care are available but are naturally limited to only a single aspect of performance. Most importantly, better performance in one aspect of care may compromise(More)
Thirty patients were randomly allocated to receive either atracurium or pancuronium for neuromuscular blockade during surgery. At the end of the operation residual paralysis was antagonized with neostigmine. Voluntary strength was assessed at intervals after the antagonism, by observing grip strength, maximum inspiratory and expiratory force, 5-s head lift(More)
A new, simple, versatile co-axial breathing system combining the features of Mapleson A, D and E type systems is described. The change from an A system to a D/E system is effected by a single switch and without reversal of the gas flow. Fresh gas flows in the order of 70 ml/kg/min are required for both spontaneous ventilation in the Mapleson A mode and(More)
Reports and guidelines concerning intensive care practice have been issued recently. However, the introduction of such centrally issued recommendations may be difficult because of marked heterogeneity between intensive care units. This study examined the facilities (number of beds, consultant sessions, nursing establishment), annual workload (number and(More)