Kimberley A Verdries

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1. UK-78,282, a novel piperidine blocker of the T lymphocyte voltage-gated K+ channel, Kv1.3, was discovered by screening a large compound file using a high-throughput 86Rb efflux assay. This compound blocks Kv1.3 with a IC50 of approximately 200 nM and 1:1 stoichiometry. A closely related compound, CP-190,325, containing a benzyl moiety in place of the(More)
The metabolism of arachidonic acid through the cyclooxygenase pathway is a highly regulated cellular process that results in the formation of PGH2. This unstable intermediate can be enzymatically metabolized to PGE2 by the actions of a microsomal 17 kDa PGE synthase (mPGES1). Treatment of A549 cells with IL-1beta for 24 h resulted in a twofold increase in(More)
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