Kimberley A Verdries

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1. UK-78,282, a novel piperidine blocker of the T lymphocyte voltage-gated K+ channel, Kv1.3, was discovered by screening a large compound file using a high-throughput 86Rb efflux assay. This compound blocks Kv1.3 with a IC50 of approximately 200 nM and 1:1 stoichiometry. A closely related compound, CP-190,325, containing a benzyl moiety in place of the(More)
1. The ability of 2-amino-4-methylpyridine to inhibit the catalytic activity of the inducible NO synthase (NOS II) enzyme was characterized in vitro and in vivo. 2. In vitro, 2-amino-4-methylpyridine inhibited NOS II activity derived from mouse RAW 264.7 cells with an IC50 of 6 nM. Enzyme kinetic studies indicated that inhibition is competitive with respect(More)
The synthesis and SAR of a series of 6-(4-(substituted)phenyl)-2-aminopyridines as inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase are described. Compound 3a from this series shows potent and selective inhibition of the human nNOS isoform, with pharmacokinetics sufficient to provide in vivo inhibition of nNOS activity.
The metabolism of arachidonic acid through the cyclooxygenase pathway is a highly regulated cellular process that results in the formation of PGH2. This unstable intermediate can be enzymatically metabolized to PGE2 by the actions of a microsomal 17 kDa PGE synthase (mPGES1). Treatment of A549 cells with IL-1beta for 24 h resulted in a twofold increase in(More)
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