Kimberlee J. Chambers

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The SWI/SNF complex participates as a co-activator in the transcriptional regulation of certain genes. Conversely, we and others have recently established that Brg1 and Brm, the central components of SWI/SNF, act instead as co-repressors for E2F-mediated transcriptional repression, and for the transcription of certain other promoters. We report here that(More)
HIC1 is a newly discovered tumor suppressor and transcriptional repressor that is frequently silenced in human tumors. HIC1 protein expression has been linked to better outcomes in breast cancers. The molecular mechanism underlying HIC1-mediated transcriptional and growth suppression, and the relevant targets of HIC1-mediated transcriptional modulation, is(More)
We have identified and cloned a cDNA encoding a new member of the monooxygenase family of enzymes. This novel enzyme, which we call MOX (monooxygenase X; unknown substrate) is a clear sequence homologue of the enzyme dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH). MOX maintains many of the structural features of DBH, as evidenced by the retention of most of the disulfide(More)
Passport data for Mexico’s Guanajuato State were used to locate the sites where maize was collected in the 1940s and 1950s in an effort to document and conserve diversity. A map presenting survey points illustrates that collections have occurred repeatedly in the same locations. Observations of these locations reveal that urbanization and industrialization,(More)
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