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UWISH2 – the UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for H2
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Two-dimensional photonic band-Gap defect mode laser
A laser cavity formed from a single defect in a two-dimensional photonic crystal is demonstrated and pulsed lasing action has been observed at a wavelength of 1.5 micrometers from optically pumped devices with a substrate temperature of 143 kelvin.
SMART: The First Licensed Advanced Integral Reactor
SMART (system-integrated modular advanced reactor) is a small-sized advanced integral reactor with a rated thermal power of 330 MW. It can produce 100 MW of electricity, or 90 MW of electricity and
Calculation of Tree Height and Canopy Crown from Drone Images Using Segmentation
Drone imaging, which is more cost-effective and controllable compared to airborne LiDAR, requires a lowcost camera and is used for capturing color images. From the overlapped color images, we
Constraints on the spectral index from primordial black holes.
  • Kim, Lee
  • Physics, Medicine
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 15 November 1996
Development of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) procedure for the detection of baculovirus associated with white spot syndrome (WSBV) in penaeid shrimp.
  • Kim, Sohn, Jang
  • Biology
    Journal of fish diseases
  • 1998
The causative viral agent was purified from diseased shrimp Penaeus japonicus with white spot syndrome (WSBV) and according to the results of nucleotide sequence analysis, none of the WSBV clones showed considerable sequence homology with those of other known viruses, indicating that W SBV is a new virus causing a serious disease in shrimp.
The preventive effect of systemic treatment with interferon‐α2B for infertility from mumps orchitis
To evaluate the effect of interferon‐α2B on mumps orchitis, often caused by postpubertal mumps and which can result in permanent testicular atrophy, a large number of patients were diagnosed with mumps-like symptoms.