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Modern agriculture demands crops carrying multiple traits. The current paradigm of randomly integrating and sorting independently segregating transgenes creates severe downstream breeding challenges. A versatile, generally applicable solution is hereby provided: the combination of high-efficiency targeted genome editing driven by engineered zinc finger(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper discusses three cases of tracheal agenesis that presented within a six-week period to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. By reviewing the available literature on tracheal agenesis, the report aims to outline a protocol for future prenatal and postnatal management. METHODS A case series and a literature review. RESULTS(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to extend the concept of automated pathology reporting to radiology reports to find central nervous system (CNS) neoplasms that may currently go undetected. METHODS Existing E-Path software was modified to account for the structure and language of radiology reports. Logic was added to allow registries to configure whether(More)
The article describes a study conducted on general surgical and thoracic surgical floors of a 1000-bed hospital to assess the impact of a new network for portable patient care devices. This network was developed to address the needs of hospital patients who need constant, multi-parameter, vital signs surveillance, but do not require intensive nursing care.(More)
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