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Five studies merged the priming methodology with the bystander apathy literature and demonstrate how merely priming a social context at Time 1 leads to less helping behavior on a subsequent, completely unrelated task at Time 2. In Study 1, participants who imagined being with a group at Time 1 pledged significantly fewer dollars on a charity-giving measure(More)
A case control design was used to examine quality of life and self-care management strategies in persons living with AIDS (PLWAs) with chronic diarrhea. PLWAs without chronic diarrhea (n = 20) as compared to those with chronic diarrhea (n = 20) reported significantly higher general health perceptions (p = .028). In contrast, comparisons on symptom status(More)
During the last few decades, there has been a considerable increase in the level of violence witnessed throughout the world. Violence has reached epidemic proportions and become one of the most serious public health problems facing the Region of the Americas. In 1993 alone, in Latin America and the Caribbean, 465 000 deaths due to violent acts were(More)
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