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Differential modes of selection on the rhodopsin gene in coastal Baltic and North Sea populations of the sand goby, Pomatoschistus minutus
An excellent model to elucidate the mechanisms and importance of evolution in the marine environment is the spectral tuning mechanism of the visual pigment in vertebrates. In the sand gobyExpand
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High molecular diversity in the rhodopsin gene in closely related goby fishes: A role for visual pigments in adaptive speciation?
The spectral tuning mechanism of visual pigments is an excellent model to elucidate the mechanisms of adaptive evolution and the importance of selection as an evolutionary force. Therefore, we use aExpand
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Analysis of the whole mitochondrial genome: translation of the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine system to the diagnostic bench?
Next-generation sequencing (NGS), an innovative sequencing technology that enables the successful analysis of numerous gene sequences in a massive parallel sequencing approach, has revolutionized theExpand
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A Bumpy Ride on the Diagnostic Bench of Massive Parallel Sequencing, the Case of the Mitochondrial Genome
The advent of massive parallel sequencing (MPS) has revolutionized the field of human molecular genetics, including the diagnostic study of mitochondrial (mt) DNA dysfunction. The analysis of theExpand
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Accurate and comprehensive analysis of single nucleotide variants and large deletions of the human mitochondrial genome in DNA and single cells
Massive parallel sequencing (MPS) can accurately quantify mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) single nucleotide variants (SNVs), but no MPS methods are currently validated to simultaneously and accuratelyExpand
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Did lightning strike twice