Kim Svensson

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Coalition Structure Generation—the problem of finding the optimal division of agents into coalitions—has received considerable attention in recent AI literature. The fastest exact algorithm to solve this problem is IDP-IP [17], which is a hybrid of two previous algorithms, namely IDP and IP. Given this, it is desirable to speed up IDP as this will, in turn,(More)
The Coalition Structure Generation (CSG) problem is wellknown in the area of Multi-Agent Systems. Its goal is to establish coalitions between agents while maximizing the global welfare. Between the existing different algorithms designed to solve the CSG problem, DP and IDP are the ones with smaller temporal complexity. After analyzing the operation of the(More)
We develop the first parallel algorithm for Coalition Structure Generation (CSG), which is central to many multi-agent systems applications. Our approach involves distributing the key steps of a dynamic programming approach to CSG across computational nodes on a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) such that each of the thousands of threads of computation can be(More)
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