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OBJECTIVE Abusive head injuries among infants (shaken infant or shaken impact syndrome) represent a devastating form of child abuse; an effective prevention program that reduces the incidence of abusive head injuries could save both lives and the costs of caring for victims. We wished to determine whether a comprehensive, regional, hospital-based, parent(More)
Twenty-four-hour recall data from the Continuing Survey of Food Intake by Individuals (CSFII) are frequently used to estimate dietary exposure for risk assessment. Food frequency questionnaires are traditional instruments of epidemiological research; however, their application in dietary exposure and risk assessment has been limited. This article presents a(More)
Regressing the natural logarithm of fees on a set of predictor variables, including the natural logarithm of assets, has become the de facto standard functional form for estimating audit fees. We demonstrate that this represents a multiplicative model of fees in which all the predictor variables interact and where predicted coefficients represent(More)
Continuous improvement has been key to the successful wet etch etch-stop process at Skyworks Solutions. Three conditions: device dimensions, etch chemistry, and etch tool directly affected the etched depth uniformity across a wafer. An unusual failure mechanism of the etch stop process was discovered while investigating a range of over etched devices. This(More)
BACKGROUND While routine HIV testing in the general population is a national recommendation, actual practice may vary. PURPOSE To determine risk factors associated with HIV testing after the adoption of a New York State law in 2010 mandating that health care providers offer HIV testing in all clinical settings. METHODS Survey data from Monroe County,(More)
The results of an experiential learning project in the field of solid waste and resource management are presented, as these relate to material recovery, recycling and reuse. A project-based learning method was employed in a course titled “Packaging Research” which was part of the school’s Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP). The goal of this project(More)
In the Behavioral Informatics Tomorrow column of our November/December, 1994, issue, we presented an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of electronic communication via the Internet, as well some resources for behavioral healthcare professionals who already utilize electronic bulletin board services (BBS). Now we offer this more detailed(More)