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Nitrogen and 0, transformations were studied in sediments covered by Lobelia dortmanna L.; a combination of lsN isotope pairing and microsensor (0,, NO,-, and NH,+) techniques were used. Transformation rates and micro-profiles were compared with data obtained in bare sediments. The two types of sediment were incubated in double-compartment chambers(More)
Feeding generalists typically occupy broad ecological niches and so are potentially pre-adapted to a range of novel food objects. In northern Europe, the slug Arion lusitanicus has spread rapidly as an invasive species and a serious horticultural and agricultural pest. We used nutritional geometry to analyze nutrient balancing capabilities and consequences(More)
Evolutionary theory predicts that animals should forage to maximize their fitness, which in predators is traditionally assumed equivalent to maximizing energy intake rather than balancing the intake of specific nutrients. We restricted female predatory ground beetles (Anchomenus dorsalis) to one of a range of diets varying in lipid and protein content, and(More)
Modest dietary restriction extends lifespan (LS) in a diverse range of taxa and typically has a larger effect in females than males. Traditionally, this has been attributed to a stronger trade-off between LS and reproduction in females than in males that is mediated by the intake of calories. Recent studies, however, suggest that it is the intake of(More)
Sexual selection may cause dietary requirements for reproduction to diverge across the sexes and promote the evolution of different foraging strategies in males and females. However, our understanding of how the sexes regulate their nutrition and the effects that this has on sex-specific fitness is limited. We quantified how protein (P) and carbohydrate (C)(More)
This paper presents a method for designing finite impulse response (FIR) filters for samples of a 2-D signal, e.g., an image, and its gradient. The filters, which are called blended filters, are decomposable in three filters, each separable in 1-D filters on subsets of the data set. Optimality in the minimum mean square error sense (MMSE) of blended(More)
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