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Lumbar spine and pelvic posture between standing and sitting: a radiologic investigation including reliability and repeatability of the lumbar lordosis measure.
OBJECTIVE Sitting has been identified as a cause of mechanical low back pain. The purpose of this study was to use plain film x-rays to measure lumbar spine and pelvic posture differences betweenExpand
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Evaluating the relationship among cavitation, zygapophyseal joint gapping, and spinal manipulation: an exploratory case series.
OBJECTIVE This project determined the feasibility of conducting larger studies assessing the relationship between cavitation and zygapophyseal (Z) joint gapping following spinal manipulative therapyExpand
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Quantification of cavitation and gapping of lumbar zygapophyseal joints during spinal manipulative therapy.
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to use previously validated methods to quantify and relate 2 phenomena associated with chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy (SMT): (1) cavitation and (2)Expand
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Retention of blinding at follow-up in a randomized clinical study using a sham-control cervical manipulation procedure for neck pain: secondary analyses from a randomized clinical study.
OBJECTIVE Participants in clinical trials of spinal manipulation have not been rigorously blinded to group assignment. This study reports on secondary analyses of the retention of participantExpand
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A Feasibility Study to Assess Vibration and Sound From Zygapophyseal Joints During Motion Before and After Spinal Manipulation
Objective: This feasibility study used novel accelerometry (vibration) and microphone (sound) methods to assess crepitus originating from the lumbar spine before and after side‐posture spinalExpand
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Age and Mental Health Status Differences in Medical Service Utilization in an Integrated Primary Care Setting
Abstract This study explored age and mental health referral status effects on a variety of patient, medical, and medical service utilization variables among adults seen in a rural integrated (mentalExpand
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The accuracy of osteopathic manipulations of the lumbar Spine: A Pilot study
Abstract Objective To assess the segmental specificity, or accuracy, of osteopathic lumbar spinal manipulations. Background Prior studies of chiropractic technique of manual manipulations of theExpand
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Lower-Limb Factors Associated with Balance and Falls in Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Clinical Synthesis.
Background: Despite evidence suggesting that lower-limb related factors may contribute to fall-risk in older adults, lower-limb and footwear influences on fall-risk have not been systematicallyExpand
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EHRs Can Facilitate Nutrition Management.