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  • Kim Ritman
  • Journal für Verbraucherschutz und…
  • 2014
This paper explores the interactions of science and policy from both perspectives within a government department. The relationship between scientists and policy makers is critical for evidence based policy making, but the relationship requires management, understanding of the different cultures and ‘science translators’ from both science and policy worlds.(More)
The purpose of this study was to help to inform policy development for the Australian rangelands, and provide a proof of concept for application of a multi-criteria analysis approach to assessment of competing resource use at continental scale. The study aimed to identify and locate key natural resource and agricultural production assets in the rangelands,(More)
Paul De Barro • Stephen Goldson • Detlef Bartsch • Mikael Hirsch • Martyn Jeggo • John W. Lowenthal • Philip Macdonald • Ryan R. J. McAllister • Rod McCrea • Fiona McFarlane • Cathy Robinson • Kim Ritman • Joe Smith • Rieks Van Klinken • Iain Walker • Juliana Ribeiro Alexandre • Simon Barry • Camilla Beech • Craig Cormick • Peter Kearns • Qu Liang • Aditi(More)
Innovation is the process leading to the adoption of new or existing information, technology or practices; it includes factors that affect demand for and use of knowledge in novel and useful ways. In agriculture, innovation is essential to maintain productivity growth, to address issues around sustaining the natural resource base and to adapt to climate(More)
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