Kim P. Bryceson

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1. Intracellular recordings of acceptance angles were made at different adaptation states and at different times of day, from retinula cells in the central region of the reflecting superposition eye of the freshwater crayfish,Cherax destructor (Clark 1936). A number of cells were held for longer than 24 h. 2. The acceptance angle is greater in the(More)
The success of supply chains, whether they are whole-of-industry chains or internal business chains, depends on integration, coordination, communication and cooperation. However, one of the key issues faced by enterprises within a supply chain is the tendency for each component in the supply chain to have different goals – particularly since each(More)
1. Intracellular recordings of intensity response functions (V/log I curves) were made at different adaptation states at different times during a 24th period, from single photoreceptors in the central region of the eye of the Australian crayfishCherax destructor (Clark 1936). 2. The intensity that elicits a criterion response (50% of the maximum) is less at(More)
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