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This paper estimates cost efficiency scores using the bootstrap bias-corrected procedure, including variables for teaching and research, for the performance of university hospitals in the Nordic countries. Previous research has shown that hospital provision of research and education interferes with patient care routines and inflates the costs of health care(More)
RATIONALE The new Global Initiative for Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) stratification of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) into categories A, B, C, and D is based on symptoms, level of lung function, and history of exacerbations. OBJECTIVES To investigate the abilities of this stratification to predict the clinical course of COPD. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES Surveillance programs are recommended to both families at high risk (Amsterdam-positive families with known- and unknown mutation) and moderate risk (families not fulfilling all Amsterdam criteria) of colorectal cancer (CRC). Cost-effectiveness has so far only been estimated for the group at high risk. The aim of the present study is to determine(More)
BACKGROUND In the present study we analyze the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) and future health care costs. On the basis of the relation between these anthropometric measures and mortality, we hypothesized that for all levels of BMI increased WC implies added future health care costs (Hypothesis 1) and for given(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the performance of hospital care in four Nordic countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Using national discharge registries and cost data from hospitals, cost efficiency in the production of somatic hospital care was calculated for public hospitals. Data were collected using harmonized definitions of inputs and(More)
[1] Robust absorbing boundary conditions are central to the utility and advancement of 3-D numerical wave propagation methods. It is in general preferred that an absorbing boundary method be capable of broadband absorption, be efficient in terms of memory and computation time, and be widely stable in connection with sophisticated numerical schemes. Here we(More)
Those responsible for monitoring and managing the performance of health-care organisations face the common problem that the relationship between observed performance and effort is difficult to establish. A solution is to compare the performance of multiple organisations, but this requires a sufficient number of comparators. Faced with a small sample, it may(More)
The cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions is well documented. However, most studies are based on randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and provide little information on the differences between subgroups. This study assessed the relative cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions offered to various subgroups of smokers, based on(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the association between patients' socioeconomic status and their referral from general practice to specialised health care. METHODS Multiple regression analysis was used on cross-sectional data on general practice referral rates for all Danish general practices in year 2006. RESULTS Our models explained between 26% and 45% of the(More)