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This paper reports from a combined questionnaire survey and interview study of obstacles for deploying usability evaluation in software development organizations. It was conducted in a limited geographical area. The purpose of the questionnaire survey was to determine whether software development organizations in that area were evaluating the usability of(More)
—Communications interconnects and networks will continue to play a large role in contributing to the global carbon footprint, especially in data center and cloud-computing applications exponential growth in capacity. Key to maximizing the benefits of photonics technology is highly functional, lower power, and large-scale photonics integration. In this(More)
"Mortalités, effondrements et affaiblissements des colonies d'abeilles" (2008). Ecologie des invertébrés, laboratoire de biologie et de protection de l'abeille INRA Avignon 3 M. François MOUTOU Epidémiologie générale, faune sauvage, analyse de risque Afssa Lerpaz (Laboratoire d'études et de recherches en pathologie et zoonoses) Epidémiologie et analyse de(More)
This paper explores how obstacles to usability evaluations in a software organization can be affected. We present two field studies, each conducted in a software organization that had no previous experience with usability evaluation. In each study, we first interviewed key stakeholders to identify their opinion about significant obstacles to conducting(More)
The enhancement and confinement of electromagnetic radiation to nanometer scale have improved the performances and decreased the dimensions of optical sources and detectors for several applications including spectroscopy, medical applications, and quantum information. Realization of on-chip nanofocusing devices compatible with silicon photonics platform(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Ischemic stroke of undetermined cause is a major health issue because of its high frequency and clinical relevance. Histopathologic analysis of human thrombi, retrieved from stroke patients with large-vessel occlusion during mechanical thrombectomy, may provide information about underlying pathologies. This study examines the(More)