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This paper reports from a combined questionnaire survey and interview study of obstacles for deploying usability evaluation in software development organizations. It was conducted in a limited geographical area. The purpose of the questionnaire survey was to determine whether software development organizations in that area were evaluating the usability of(More)
This paper explores how obstacles to usability evaluations in a software organization can be affected. We present two field studies, each conducted in a software organization that had no previous experience with usability evaluation. In each study, we first interviewed key stakeholders to identify their opinion about significant obstacles to conducting(More)
—This paper presents a high-resolution high-power free-space dielectric and magnetic measurement technique for evaluating the complex dielectric permittivity and complex magnetic permeability of solid materials in millimeter waves at room temperature. This method enables us to obtain broad-band high-resolution transmittance spectra using a quasi-optical(More)
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