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Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) has become a popular approach to medical decision making. It is a method of assisting in clinical decision making by using the most relevant research evidence to answer clinical questions. Complete Blood Count (CBC) is one of the most commonly ordered blood test that could be done within minutes and is mostly used as a basis(More)
The high interactivity rate in social networking sites (SNSs) has drawn the attention of many researchers and businesses. However, this high activity rate has made it difficult for businesses to decide where to build their web presence in their e-commerce website or in SNSs. This paper explores the impact of social plugins integration into e-commerce(More)
Public health researchers and practitioners reporting findings from intervention studies seldom report in depth the processes of intervention development. However, such information would be useful for several reasons: (a) it would help guide the development of new interventions and refinement or revision of existing ones, (b) it would provide a framework(More)
Customer's perceived trust towards an e-commerce Web site is crucial for the success of online business. Effective design of Web interfaces increases perceived trust of customers. Given many associated usability issues when performing tasks on a Web site, it is important for technopreneurs embarking on online business to understand issues related to(More)
The language of clothing has become more intricate and personal as more wearable technologies are being introduced into our lives. Either male or female of all age groups are spending more time choosing the right apparel to appear more presentable to impress their colleagues, superiors, customers, family and friends. However, to deal with choosing the right(More)
Web interventions are gaining popularity in trying to change a person’s behavior. However, poorly designed intervention websites will affect the learning process of a person, what more to remember the content that they have learnt. The objective of this paper is to discuss the design of a web intervention using Gagne’s Condition of Learning Theory and(More)