Kim N Orange

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A method similar to that used by Board and Board (1967) was used to determine the numbers of eggs penetrated by bacteria on 3 poultry farms in south-east Queensland. Significant differences in the percentages of penetrated eggs between the eggs of layer birds (9.7%) and the eggs of meat birds (16.1%) and between nest eggs (10.5%) and floor eggs (15.3%) were(More)
The synthesis and photophysical and biological investigation of Ru(II)-polypyridyl stabilized water-soluble, luminescent gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are described. These structures bind to DNA and undergo rapid cellular uptake, being localized within the cell cytoplasm and nucleus within 4 h.
The development of Ru(II) functionalized gold nanoparticles 1–3·AuNP is described. These systems were found to be mono-disperse with a hydrodynamic radius of ca. 15 nm in water but gave rise to the formation of higher order structures in buffered solution. The interaction of 1–3·AuNP with DNA was also studied by spectroscopic and microscopic methods and(More)
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