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In order to endow a machine with an emotional intelligence is a challenging research issue and become one that has been of growing importance to those working in human-computer interaction. This study presents the framework of a special session to study and investigate the best techniques for emotion recognition, validation and analysis of expressivity in(More)
The study was conducted based on two objectives as framework. The first objective is to determine the point of microwave signal reflection while penetrating into the simulation models and, the second objective is to analyze the reflection pattern when the signal penetrate into the layers with different relative permittivity, εr. Thus, several microwave(More)
This study is to investigate human perceptions on pairing of facial expressions of emotion with colours. A group of 27 subjects consisting mainly of younger and Malaysian had participated in this study. For each of the seven faces, which express the basic emotions neutral, happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear and sadness, a single colour is chosen from(More)
The need to measure and evaluate prosthetics practice has received growing recognition in the past several years. Reliable and valid self-report instruments are needed that can help facilities evaluate patient outcomes. Evidence of construct validity is provided by hierarchies of item difficulty that are consistent with clinical experience. A survey with 16(More)
Currently, ontology plays an important role in semantic web technology. Ontology learning approach is to distinguish the type of input such as text, dictionary, knowledge, policies, schemes and semi-structured schemes relations. Ontology learning can be explained as information extraction subtask and its objectives are to dig the relevant concepts and(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to identify the determinants of patient satisfaction with outcome after a period of wearing prosthesis. The instruments demonstrate adequate internal consistency of average mean 2.39 for lower extremity functional status and average mean 3.44 for health related quality of life. Subjective variables associated with pain(More)
A change in measurement of speed or vector of an object or objects in the field of view is called motion. Detection of motion can be achieved by electronic devices or mechanical devices that interact or quantify the changes in the given environment. In this paper, a monitoring system is being enhanced utilizes motion detection technology with modified(More)
— MATLAB is at present among the best available technique for image processing. Medical images after digitalized processed can help reducing the number of false positives and they assist medical officers in deciding between follow-up and biopsy. This paper gives a survey of image processing algorithms that have been developed for detection of masses and(More)
Detection of movement of objects is very important in various areas. In this paper we present various techniques related to motion detection of moving objects. Existing methods for moving object detection are mainly the frame subtraction method, the background subtraction method and the optical flow method. The aim is to develop mathematical models,(More)
This study investigates and compares clinical outcome and patient health related quality of life in Malaysia who still undergoing routine prosthetic care. It was developed to access the quality of life that can be used in hospitals and clinics. It aims to establish how widespread the quality of life effects of limb loss. Reliability and validity are needed(More)