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Radiotherapy as well as endoscopic laser surgery as the most widely used treatment modalities for T1a glottic carcinoma cause minor morbidity and negligible mortality and result in more or less comparable, excellent cure and larynx preservation rates. Therefore, other outcome measures such as voice-related problems and health status are important factors in(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical results of radiotherapy and endoscopic cordectomy for T1a glottic carcinoma are reported to be similar, but costs of both treatments may differ. Therefore, we retrospectively evaluated the costs, voice quality, quality of life, and clinical results of both treatments. METHODS Costs and effects from the first visit up to 2 years of(More)
OBJECTIVE Given that CO2-laser decortication and radiotherapy are equally effective in the treatment of T1a glottic carcinomas, to determine which of the two is most efficient with respect to treatment costs. DESIGN Retrospective analysis. METHOD The costs of both treatment modalities from the first visit to the Free University Medical Centre,(More)
In the last decade, several new promising treatments for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) have been developed. Healthcare costs are increasing and new treatments tend to be very expensive; therefore, information about the cost effectiveness in treatments for CLL is urgently needed. The authors performed a literature review on the currently available(More)
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