Kim Leonie Rösner

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Although some sugarcane cultivars may benefit substantially from biological nitrogen fixation (BNF), the responsible bacteria have been not identified yet. Here, we examined the active diazotrophic bacterial community in sugarcane roots from Africa and America by reverse transcription (RT)-PCR using broad-range nifH-specific primers. Denaturing gradient gel(More)
An imbalanced load application of the upper extremity may contribute to overuse-induced injuries of the fingers. Thus, the present study evaluated load-application symmetry between the right and the left hand and its work-relief ratios (WRR) depending on climbing ability and pre-exhaustion level. Twenty-eight sport climbers (age: 29 ± 8 years; body mass(More)
In a female patient with Dunbar-syndrome the cause of the complaints is not recognized during 18 years. Therefore, the symptomatology of the stenosis of the truncus coeliacus is briefly outlined. The patient reacts more and more neurotic on the misunderstanding of organically conditioned complaints, so that at last a consilium of experienced specialists(More)
It is reported on a 61-year-old patient in whom since 1959 has been existing a diabetes mellitus in need of insulin. 1973 in the endoscopic control of roentgenological findings of a stomach suspect to tumour by means of the Wolf-Schindler gastroscope the suspicion to a gastric carcinoma was expressed. In May 1975 he was again admitted to hospital on account(More)
On the occasion of a case of death during performance of pneumoperitoneum before peritoneoscopy the presence of adhesions in the left lower quadrant of the abdomen in 850 peritoneoscopied patients was investigated. In 91,55% of the evaluated results the left lower quadrant of the abdomen was free from adhesions. Thus, the Monroe-point is even further on the(More)
  • K Rösner
  • 1988
Report on a 67-year-old man with echinococcus-granulosus-cysts in liver, lungs, spleen and mesentery since at least 31 years. In 1969 and 1974 surgical intervention was performed. In 1983 suppurative colliquation and spontaneous depletion by a fistula of a cyst of the liver, output of the cysts of the right lung by coughing. In 1986 spontaneous resorption(More)